About Us

Welcome to Specialised Lifting Services Limited. As the premier UK, Egypt and Ghana brand of lifting, hoisting and mechanical handling products, Specialised Lifting Services aim not only to offer a wide range of standard items, but also to create bespoke design manufactured products to complete the "one stop shop" facility, for all your lifting and moving needs, We also provides a safe, efficient and cost effective alternative to scaffolding and other conventional access methods. Operating extensively throughout the UK, Middle East and Africa, our industrial rope access expertise covers both the built and natural environments (geotechnical).

Aligned to internationally recognised standards (IRATA), we employ a comprehensive safety and quality management system ensuring that your work is carried out confidently and professionally.

Benefits of rope access:

  • Unobtrusive and environmentally friendly
  • Rapid assembly means less disruption and less cost
  • Provides access to hard to reach areas
  • Offers flexibility and versatility


For the traditional products the Company began working with so long ago, such as Shackles, Chain, Turnbuckles, Sheaves, Pulley Blocks and Wire Rope fittings, to the new generation of Specialised Lifting Services Limited Chain Blocks, Pallet Trucks, Wire Rope Pulling Machines and Polyester Webbing Slings, (in materials such as Mild Steel, High Tensile, Grade 8 and 10 Alloys, S. G. Iron and Stainless Steel).

Specialised Lifting Services Limited always take great care in ensuring safety and customer satisfaction are paramount in its thoughts.

Presentation of our products and performance of our staff are continually monitored and with the growing level of stock held in it’s Worldwide locations, Specialised Lifting Services Limited support it’s network of global customers with a first class technical support and service, that always endeavours to exceed expectations.

With International ISO Approvals for its quality systems, Full Member LEEA, CE Mark, independent user approvals for many of its products, Specialised Lifting Services Limited are proud to welcome you to our Company and look forward to hearing from you.